All fingerprint, palm print and footprint related services to include:

Expert Services:

    • Examination of items to determine presence of identifiable latent friction skin impressions.
    • Comparison of known friction skin impressions to  latent impressions.
    • Expert testimony regarding forensic discipline of latent print identification.
    • Re-examination of evidence previously examined by law enforcement authorities (second opinions).

General Fingerprinting Services:

    • Recording of inked fingerprints on standard FBI fingerprint cards for use in attaining concealed weapon permits, ATF purchase requirements, job applications, etc.
        • Fingerprinting services offered routinely in Pauling County including Dallas, GA and Hiram, GA.
        • Fingerprinting services are also available by appointment in metro Atlanta.
        • Mobile service offered (negotiated prices) for companies or large groups on a case by case basis.

(Note: Mr. Whritenour is a retired Federal law enforcement officer and as such any recording of fingerprints is considered by most states and the federal government as having been accomplished  by a law enforcement entity.)